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Updated : 2008-06-30
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Category: Games
SubCategory: Strategy Games
Type: Free-demo
Size: 210.606kb.
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"Create your own personal universe and creatures."

Are you tired of your planet? Spore is a fun game with which you can create your own personal universe. You can create life and make it evolve, establish tribes, build civilizations, sculpt worlds, and explore the cosmos.

But, firstly you have to create your creatures, and for this you need Spore Creature Creator. Design your own species with the tools that Spore Creature Creator offers. Choose a body and add all the elements you want: head, arms, legs, wings, claws, necks, eyes, noses, mouths, ears, etc. You can place them where you want and create as many as your imagination can think of. According to the characteristics added to your creature, it will develop better in one place or another, in the air, on land or in the sea. Once you`ve created your species, you can use it in the Spore game.

Spore Creature Creator includes everything needed to create and animate your creatures; observe how they jump, run or express themselves. You can take photos and record their movements on video to share with your friends.

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